by Paul Roessler

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released July 12, 2013


all rights reserved



Paul Roessler Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: 1

Faint scent of death coming
Angry? Sorry.
Stormy Monday
Fall fall falling
Taking away
Track Name: When You've Tried Everything It's Time to stop Trying

I tried to give up I tried to surrender
I tried to move on I tried to remember
I tried to forget I tried to get mad
I tried getting even I tried to be strong
I tried not to care I tried to stop breathing
I tried to be silent and I tried speaking

But it's not me, it's you

I tried doing nothing I tried to run
I tried to stop loving tried loving my freedom
I tried to embrace I tried to deny
I tried to stop thinking I tried to survive

But it's not me, it's you
Track Name: Dancing on a Pin

Creatures, creatures of the water creatures of the forest

Creatures of the softly moving air

Spirits, spirits of the starlight spirits of the moonlight

Spirits walking printless across the shifting sands

Lets take angels and dance them on a pin

Lets take animals and roast them on a spit

Lets take everything and turn it into shit

It's the perfect way to say fuck it.

Angels angels of the heavens seraphim of vengeance

Angels cast down to the underworld

Forces forces of mathematics orbits of the planets

Orbits of the restless spirits trapped inside the flesh
Track Name: Lightning in a Glass

I had a plan to drive out to the promised land
To wander in the desert sand, to wait until the spacemen came
And took me with them far away and save me from the judgement day

Cause I don't know what I want or if I want what I've got
Contradiction and confusion and addiction are my lot

And I understand the questions that you ask when you're sad
Dilemmas that don't fit your plan

And I'm not sure who you are or if you come from the same star
Is it a rocket that you're riding or just lightning in a glass
You move so fast and I'm always the last to know where you've been
And where you're going

I had a thought that I would be an astronaut and fuck up just like Major Tom
Or maybe I'll just ride the bomb right down till it hits the ground
Track Name: Don't Walk Run Left

Sometimes you wonder what you're missing on the other side
Boys and Girls and new positions that you've never even thought of trying
Somewhere where the grass is greener you'll start another life
With no one looking over your shoulder dragging behind your ball and chain boulder

Sometimes you have to wonder what would happen if you started over
Burn a bridge don't walk run left right north south take a train take a plane disappear into the ozone

Sometimes you just want to take a lighter and burn it to the ground
Take a road you've never taken even if it only goes around and round and round
Somewhere it must be better, maybe there, maybe anywhere but here
It's not too late to change, it's not to late to run away
Track Name: Downside

I want to know. It's so hard to relinquish control

Downside is that I am alone

You have hidden away your soul when once it seemed so close

Can't protect the sun can't attack the rain

Only thing left is feeling...
Track Name: When a Sparrow Falls

If it be now, it's not to come
And if it's not to come it will be now
The readiness is all When a Sparrow falls

If she will go she will be gone
And if it comes to an end it will be done
Track Name: Submission Forbidden

Fallen Cherub of this be sure we embrace good nevermore
And do the ill be our delight henceforth
Immortal hate is our love
All is not lost

Consult how we most offend our enemy; our loss repair
And overcome calamity despair
And rest if any rest can harbor there
Sweet angel fair

Which way I fly is hell, myself am hell
And in the lowest deep a lower deep
Opens wide
To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven.
Is no other place for pardon left?
Repentance: relent.
Submission forbidden to me.
Never to recant.
Track Name: Wait

My best friends on the phone tonight we're talking about life
They don't really like my songs that much but they sure give great advice
The razor hasn't touched your face in who knows how many days
And you wander like some kind of ghost around that big empty place

And there's nothing you can do or say to wish the pain away
Stay on the train and the scenery will change
Time will pass away just wait

The junkie kids have all cleaned up they're mastering kung fu
They all think you're a little cracked but man they sure love you
They say everything works out for the best and I say yeah for who
All I know is that you rack up debts and pay when they are due

And there's nothing you can do or say to wish the pain away
Stay on the train and the scenery will change
And everything that's happening's exactly how it plays
Time will pass away just wait
Time will pass away just wait
Track Name: Exhale

Borne on an airwave, sprung from a light page
I knelt before your stumbling verse
Silent and broken but certain, unspoken
We faced down our clockwork curse
Till swimming under the crashing lightning
We gazed down on our misty moving clouds

Exhale, exhale your fractured sigh
Your endless, confused, torn goodbye
Circles and thistles and bright burning pinwheels
Blowing on tinder that would not flame
Staring down demons until they devoured us
Despite what the beautiful optimists always say

Morning is ending, evening beginning
The constant song of sorrow plays
A voice in the choir singing madly and blindly
A tiny harlequin slips away
And my eyes slowly open and rise to the dome
And I realize I'd been singing alone.
Track Name: Lost Soul

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow will come
With forgetting forgetting forgetting a love
As you should, the world devours lovers
And time is the answer to all of your prayers and signs
Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow's today
You're a shade bit lazy but you wash away the grey
But you should, there's really no protection or delay
What you had, what you lost, what you threw away...

Far away, are you far away from your lost soul?
Far away are you miles away from your lost soul?

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow will come
And you look back on nothing your life has become
Deliver us from illusion deliver us from the lie
Or bestow that gentle falsehood that helps us to survive

Far away, are you far away from your lost soul?
Far away are you miles away from your lost soul?

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